48 hours only: Donations to CAFNEC matched!

EDIT: You folks BLOW US AWAY. We have met our donation matched cap of $5000 with 3 hours to spare!! 🙀🎉  Thank you everyone!! We are are speechless.  You can still donate to our appeal up until midnight June 30 but matched donations have now ended.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to our CAFNEC family ❤️ …

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Please read: Election and End of Financial Year Appeal 2019

Dearest CAFNEC members and supporters, Bess here. I know many of you are in shock after the Federal Election. I know I am. The national election results are hard to swallow and put simply will result in the continuation of policies we know simply are not working for our environment. Despite this I want to …

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End of Financial Year Appeal 2019

Are you in a position to make an End of Financial Year contribution to CAFNEC? All donations over $2 are tax deductible and directly support CAFNEC’s grass roots environmental advocacy in the region. With your support, we can continue to push for greater conservation and protection of the region’s remarkable environment, as we have done …

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Make a Submission: Spectacled Flying Fox Dispersal

Send your statement to the Federal Government EPBC Referrals Gateway using the form below to oppose the dispersal of Spectacled Flying Foxes at Cairns Library The due date for submissions is Monday 29th April 2019.  Fill in your details and send off the form below as is, or make changes to it as you please. We’ve …

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Spectacled Flying Fox Vigil **Change the date**

  Please join us to pay tribute to the 23,000 spectacled flying foxes that lost their lives in the unprecedented heatwave in November. In a peaceful vigil we will solemnly thank those lost for the work that they did in pollinating our plants and seeding the Wet Tropics World Heritage rainforest. We will promise those …

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Have your say: Wet Tropics Management Plan Review, Phase 2

Have your say: Wet Tropics Management Plan Review  Phase 2 | Conservation Sector Workshop Saturday 6th April 10am – 2pm at 63 Anderson St Manunda Are you passionate about the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area and want your opinion on its management heard? We need your input to help inform a conservation sector response.  As part of a …

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Sign up: Climate Election

Let’s make this the Climate Election! In order to make our Reef and climate the number one election issue, we’re going to have thousands of powerful conversations with voters on doorsteps in 6 marginal suburbs around Cairns between now until the federal election in May. Can you join us?  Each suburb has a volunteer Team Leader. …

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Climate Election Launch

The federal election is fast approaching. The future of our climate hangs in the balance. In May, Australians will head to the polls and determine our future: it is time for Australia get real and take strong action to mitigate Climate Change. There is so much at stake.  In Far North Queensland we are already reeling …

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Ecotone February 2019 – All New Layout!

Ecotone is our quarterly magazine. Our members receive an annual subscription to Ecotone – a great way to keep up to date with the latest issues and find out about upcoming events. Check out the latest edition: Ecotone March 2019 Note from the editor on this issue: “Welcome to our first edition for 2019! Another …

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Take Action: Queensland faces economic and ecological disaster without yellow crazy ant funding

Many of you will remember taking action to secure funding for Yellow Crazy Ant eradication back in 2016. Infestations of these ants had formed in and around the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. Highly invasive in nature, these ants signalled devastating impacts on biodiversity, business and backyards, threatening the environmental, economic and social values of life …

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