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Member Groups

CAFNEC, as a regional conservation council, acts as a representative environment group for Far North Queensland. In this role we engage with environment groups from across FNQ, help raise their voice, provide campaign advice and support and facilitate connections between the variety of organisations in the region. In the same grain, our diverse member groups add value, knowledge and expertise to CAFNEC. 

Apply to be a Member Group

As a representative conservation council for FNQ, CAFNEC is a sum of its parts, members. Member groups are an important part of our community and demonstrate the diverse and important work of the huge number of organisations caring for our natural environment in FNQ. Our member groups help demonstrate the strength in our community and the work that we do. Member groups will also gain access to our campaign support, training, shared communication opportunities and more.

CAFNEC accepts membership applications from:

i. groups whose principal objectives are nature conservation, environmental protection or the promotion of the adaption of sustainable development and/or living practices; or

ii. that supports the objectives of CAFNEC.

Member Group Fee: $50. On application to the Management Committee, local conservation groups can have fees waived. This is not unusual and requires the applying group do demonstrate why the exemption should be granted in a letter to the Management Committee.

For all group membership inquiries, please contact: admin@nullcafnec.org.au

Our Member Groups

  • Dawul Wuru Aboriginal Corporation
  • Mamu Aboriginal Corporation
  • Paradise Palms Residents Association Incorporation
  • World Learning Australia
  • Cassowary Keystone Conservation
  • Trinity Inlet Catchment Management Association
  • Australian Tropical Research Foundation (AUSTROP)
  • Mulgrave Landcare and Catchment Group
  • Birdlife Northern Queensland
  • Cairns Bushwalkers Club
  • Community for Coastal & Cassowary Conservation Inc. (C4)
  • Frog Safe Inc.
  • Brettacorp Inc.
  • Tablelands Action Alliance
  • Holloways Beach Coastcare Inc.
  • Barron River Catchment Management Association Inc.
  • Tree Kangaroo and Mammal Group Inc.

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