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Climate Action Far North Queensland

Climate Action in Far North Queensland 

Here in Far North Queensland we are set to see some of the most serious impacts of climate change and in some cases we already are. Sometimes climate change can seem like an impossible issue to address, but there are many different ways to improve the current situation. We listen to the community to hear about their experiences and concerns regarding climate change. We collect data and take that to our decision makers, thereby showing that the Far North Queensland community really wants to prioritise climate action. 

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It’s crunch time. We know that there is less and less opportunity to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees. We also know that the reef needs that limit to stay healthy. We know that our people and our environment need Climate Action Now. QLD now has the least ambitious emissions reduction plan and at the moment we are predicted to emit 3 X the amount of climate-damaging emissions that we can afford to if we want to limit warming.

Take action today and make a difference! 

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Climate change impacts in Far North Queensland Predictions say that we are going to experience longer and more frequent heatwaves, similar to November 2018, less frequent but more intense storm and cyclone events, rising sea levels, intense flooding rainfall events, more bleaching of the coral reef, rising sea temperatures, the increased incidence and spread of mosquito-borne and tropical diseases and more.

Government inaction
The key issue is that our government is not adequately mitigating and adapting to climate change. Cairns Regional Council does not have a climate change policy and is not adequately planning for climate hazards such as sea-level rise, fire and flooding. Along with this our state government is allowing for new fossil fuel projects and lagging in adopting renewable energy and our Federal Government is ignoring the need for mitigation entirely.


Sometimes climate change can seem like an impossible issue to address, and there are many different ways to improve the current situation. We want governments to acknowledge and accept anthropogenic climate change.

For the Cairns Regional Council to introduce comprehensive climate policy and ensure that our planning systems are accounting for up to date modelling for climate hazards including sea level rise, flooding and storm surge.

For the State and Federal governments to say no to new coal energy projects and to rapidly progress a just transition to renewable energy. We support 100% renewable by 2030, ensuring a just transition for rural, remote and Indigenous communities.

 More about the Problem

For decades we have had the experts telling us that climate change is a very real problem and that humanity is the key driver. The great thing about that is we do not need to do the work to tell you about climate change because there are so many great resources out there! 

See the links to the right, there are also great resources here;


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