Renewable Energy and Thriving Nature
Shared Statement on Renewables & NatureChalumbin Wind Farm

The impacts of climate change are being felt around the world already, and here in Far North Queensland we are no exception. We are seeing increased and severe terrestrial and marine heat events, coastal hazards, wildfires and more.

While we already feel the impacts of climate change, impacts are predicted to worsen.

To avoid the worst of climate change we know that we need to reduce our emissions and an essential step is to scale up our use of renewable energy, and reduce our use of fossil fuels. We are excited to see that the Queensland Government is progressing the the transition to renewable in Queensland. However, we are seeing energy development across Queensland out-run government planning and result in uncoordinated development which will not result in best practice for nature, community and our climate future. 


A restorative energy industry that increases biodiversity in Queensland, and empowers First Nations people and regional communities while providing affordable, reliable renewable energy.

Biodiversity Loss & Climate Change

The withdrawal of the the Wooroora Wind Farm proposal sends important signals to both industry and government about the importance of environmental sensitivity in the transition to renewable energy. You will hear from folk at the Queensland Conservation Council, and CAFNEC about the work happening to help progress the roll out in the right places, how it intersects with the review of our federal nature laws and actions you can take now to be a part of that!

Tackling Biodiversity & Climate Crises Together and Their Combined Social Impacts

“Solving some of the strong and apparently unavoidable trade-offs between climate and biodiversity will entail a profound collective shift of individual and shared values concerning nature – such as moving away from the conception of economic progress based solely on GDP growth, to one that balances human development with multiple values of nature for a good quality of life, while not overshooting biophysical and social limits.”


Shared Statement on Building Renewables to Benefit Nature and Communities

Chalumbin Wind Farm

Many members of the community are concerned about the proposed Chalumbin wind farm. Visit our webpage to find out more.

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