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Ecotone is our quarterly magazine that has been published as long as our organisation – over 40 years! Jam packed with articles contributed by a variety of writers from our conservation community here in Far North Queensland. You can read the latest issues and archived issues back to 1999 on our website. If you would like to write an article contact Ecotone Editor at: ecotone@nullcafnec.org.au 

Annual Reports

Find out all that we’ve been up to by thumbing through our annual reports published each financial year.

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Boomerang Bags and Drain Stencil Project Come to a Close

We’re sad to announce that CAFNEC has formally discontinued the Drain Stencil Project and Boomerang Bags.  Boomerang Bags and Drain Stencil Project were projects CAFNEC led to amplify the plastic pollution problem in the Cairns community. On September 1st, 2021 the...

What climate action means to me

I started learning about climate change, or global warming as it was more commonly called, back in school. Back then, climate change felt far away, and yeah, I was sad for the polar bears, but it really felt like one of those issues that the adults and those smart...

What does it take to plan a MangroveWatch Monitoring session?

We’ve been running monitoring sessions in Far North Queensland estuaries since 2019 and will continue to monitor between now at 2023. The data we collect gives us the opportunity to inform on-ground action plans responding to estuary-specific threats. How do we get...
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