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Green Drinks

Interested in the environment and sustainability?

Come along, relax and enjoy some good company at Cairns Green Drinks – an informal monthly networking event for people working or interested in the environment – everyone is welcome.

The aim of Green Drinks is to encourage networking, creativity and thought on environmental issues and projects. You can come to make new partnerships, learn about ways to volunteer with us, or just learn about a new topic from our guest speakers. Green Drinks is 100% volunteer-run, so we are keen to hear your input too. 




Food and Drinks

Event Details:

Registrations are no longer necessary.

Join us again in person for Green Drinks! 

When: 5:30 – 7pm, Thursday 26th May 2022

Where: Cominos House, 27-29 Greenslopes Street, Manunda 4870

What to bring: Yourself and cash if you would like to make a donation to our organisation!

About the event:

This months Green Drinks event wont require a special  speaker, however it will be an opportunity for  CAFNEC members and volunteers to debrief on the election results and what it means for our work in the region and at the national level as well. It has been a hard year for climate work but we still need to remain engaged and come together to discuss how to move forward in our work. Come along and celebrate the work that has been done leading up to the election over some snacks and refreshments.


Due to COVID-19 regulations registrations will need to be made.

Stay up to date on our upcoming speaker or musician by going to our Facebook events page, or signing up to the CAFNEC email newsletter at the bottom of this page. 

Green Drinks is an international phenomenon; check out the Green Drinks Website to see how many cities all over the world host a Green Drinks event.

Green Drinks happens thanks to a lot of behind-the-scenes work of volunteers. They contact speakers, find musicians, source drinks, and much more. Email projects@nullcafnec.org.au or chat to us if you’d like to join the team! 

Become a Guest Speaker

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      We would like for you to provide us with 2 to 3 images that you are happy for us to share online via social media to promote your talk.
    • Please provide a short blurb about your talk. We will share it on our Green Drinks social media posts.

    Green Drinks is a wonderful platform to share your knowledge and the work you do. CAFNEC encourages you to become a member.

    Past Speakers

    Gudju Gudju Fourmile

    Gudju Gudju Fourmile

    Co-founder of Abriculture

    The Abriculture Team is a gathering of intellectual minds with a shared vision and an understanding of the important role Tribal Ecologists play in modern ecology, sustainability and global food security. The Abriculture Team’s unique skillsets bring together tribal ecological knowledge (TEK) and western science in a culturally sensitive way.

    Heidi Tait

    Heidi Tait

    CEO of Tangaroa Blue

    Exploring the new plastics life cycle by Rethinking Polymer
    “To be a climate change partner a cup should always be a cup, time and time again, round and round = circular, to be anything else is not circular as the polymer was designed to be a cup. We need to change the concept of recycling to one of reclaiming polymer material”.
    Jock MacKenzie

    Jock MacKenzie

    Coordinator-Director and co-founder of MangroveWatch

    A conversation around community perceptions of tidal wetlands, volunteer experiences and feedback, and adiscussion on the results from our 2019 monitoring season, where we captured the health and threats of the Barron River, Russell Mulgrave River, and Trinity Inlet.

    Jacob McMillan & Aaron McDonald

    Jacob McMillan & Aaron McDonald

    Co-founders of RootBound Festival

    “RootBound signals a new path forward in the FNQ festival culture. We’re working alongside local council, community, arts, and landcare organisations, creating strategic partnerships focused on strengthening community growth and social cohesion.  We’re addressing environmental issues and taking real on-ground action in the fight against climate change, placing education at the forefront of the event and celebrating innovative ways of approaching the world we live in. “

    Andy Howe

    Andy Howe

    Ecologist with Australian Wildlife Conservancy

    Andy joined us in February of 2020 and discussed the AWC’s response to the bush fire crisis and the projects they were assisting with across the country, covering fieldwork and project information from NE NSW and Kangaroo Island.

    Maree Treadwell-Kerr

    Maree Treadwell-Kerr

    President of Bats and Trees Society of Cairns

    “A not-for-profit incorporated society, informs the local community of all ages about bats and trees through events and educational talks at schools. We also care for injured bats.”

    Maree spoke to us in January of 2020 about Spectacled Flying Foxes, the relocation plan proposed by the Cairns Regional Council, and actions to can take to ensure the longevity of this species.

    Aïsha de Barros Lopes

    Aïsha de Barros Lopes

    Community Organiser at Cairns and Far North Environment Centre

    Aïsha discussed the progress of the Community Organising and Leadership Program she was building.

    The Community Organising and Leadership Program will establish a group of committed core trainers in Far North Queensland who work alongside our Community Organiser to develop and deliver ongoing advocacy and organising training in our community.

    Barry Muir

    Barry Muir

    Vice President of Friends of Botanic Gardens Cairns

    Since retirement Barry has directed his interest towards the role of fungi in the environment and in environmental education. Only recently has it been recognised that fungi are the cornerstone of all life on our planet – fruits, vegetables, livestock, building materials, clothing, and much of our oxygen and clean water depend on them. They do this through symbiosis with plants and by recycling nutrients. This talk illustrates the groups of larger fungi you might encounter, and briefly discusses their role in the environment.

    Lucy Graham

    Lucy Graham

    Director of Cairns and Far North Environment Centre

    Joining us at our June Green Drinks, Lucy gave us the down-low on how to prepare for Plastic Free July. She shared useful tips and tricks from her Passage Adventures plastic free guide, Changing Tides

    Tony Rossi

    Tony Rossi

    Aloomba Cane Farmer, Sugar Chemist, Chairman of Mulgrave Landcare and Catchment Group

    Tony joined us in October and spoke to us about growing up in the Mulgrave Valley, innovative change on his family’s cane farm with compost production, mixed species fallows for soil health (soybeans, sunflowers, sun hemp and cowpea), and activities of the Mulgrave Landcare and Catchment Group (wetlands and revegetation).

    Dennis Ah-Kee & Liz Owen

    Dennis Ah-Kee & Liz Owen

    Directors of Jaragun Ecoservices

    Since their establishment in 2006, Jaragun Ecoservices has pursued their vision to have a positive impact on Aboriginal unemployment and disadvantage. In providing opportunities to work on country, their vision expanded to encompass sustainable management of natural resources.

    Dennis and Liz joined us in Novemeber and spoke to us about the Jaragun Ecoservices Catchment Plan, their systems-based approach to planning, and collaboration.

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