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For over 30 years CAFNEC has been  here to represent community concerns about our environment, helping the community have their voices heard and take action. CAFNEC was formed in 1981 by members of a number of local conservation groups. As a regional conservation council, we help coordinate action on important environment issues and a have a state and national platform for regional environment issues. As an environment centre we also provide a single, accessible contact point for conservation action in the region. Since 1981 CAFNEC has led, collaborated and supported scores of campaigns to advocate for our FNQ environment. 

Our Climate, Our Way of Life

Our way of life in Far North Queensland is special, living side-by-side with the oldest living tropical rainforest, and the stunning Great Barrier Reef.

This year we want to hear from you. We want to know your experiences of living in Far North Queensland. To understand the challenges and the changes you have seen to our climate, and our way of life.

Climate Action Now Signs

We know that the majority of Queenslanders want climate action, but decision makers seem to think regional QLD doesn’t!

But as we are facing the frontline of climate impacts in Australia, we are calling for action more than anyone.

Now you can get a sign for your fence to show our politicians and power holders that we want climate action now!

Flying Foxes

Spectacled Flying Foxes are a keystone species for our World Heritage Wet Tropics Rainforest yet their population has dropped 80 to 85% in recent years. Our community has been tirelessly campaigning for their ongoing conservation despite the inaction of all levels of Government. 

Renewable Energy & Thriving Nature

To avoid the worst of climate change we know that we need to reduce our emissions and an essential step is to scale up our use of renewable energy, and reduce our use of fossil fuels. We are excited to see that the Queensland Government is progressing the the transition to renewable in Queensland. However, we are seeing energy development across Queensland out-run government planning and result in uncoordinated development which will not result in best practice for nature, community and our climate future. 

Ongoing & Past Campaigns


Over the years CAFNEC has campaigned to reduce single-use plastic use. There have been many iterations of our fight to reduce plastics, the most recent campaign was launched in 2016 and still continues today. Plastics have major impacts, ocean pollution, health impacts and climate impacts. We all have a responsibility to reduce plastic but as a key steward of the Great Barrier Reef, our region has extra imperative. 

Stop Plastic Pollution

Plastic: It all adds up



Our region is host to so many different types of environments, and is one of the most unique and varied in Australia. The biodiversity of our terrestrial environments faces threats in many different ways. We are working on an ongoing basis to ensure our beautiful biodiversity is protected. 

Invasive Species

Mangroves and Wetlands



The marine environments of FNQ is world renowned. With the Great Barrier Reef on our doorstep, along with the marine environments in the Gulf of Carpentaria and Torres Strait, we have a responsibility to take action as the stewards of these beautiful environments. CAFNEC  continues to work on the following campaigns.

Great Barrier Reef: At Risk

Dredging Trinity Inlet

Save Our Inlet Event

 Marine Response Team

GBR Community Survey 


Sustainable Living

Sustainability Living

Sustainability Finance

Sustainability events

Useful publications

  • Retrofitting for Sustainability in the Tropics
  • Sustainable Tropical Building Design Guidelines for Commercial Buildings

Other organisations

  • Tropical Green Building Network
  • Cairns Climate Action Network
  • Cairns Regional Council Green Thumb sustainable living project


Save Our Coral Sea

Save Our Coral Sea

Our Coral Sea is a beacon of hope. It is one of the last places on Earth where ocean giants – sharks, tuna, marlin – are still abound, and its vibrant coral reefs still pulse with the rhythm of life. The Coral Sea Marine Reserve is an important step towards safe-guarding this marine jewel for the future.

Land Clearing

Land Clearing

Queensland is in the midst of an environmental crisis from land clearing. Every second in Queensland a tree is bulldozed and a native animal dies as a consequence of land clearing. However, the consequences reach far beyond the clearing.

FNQ Solar

FNQ Solar

Solar panels are now an affordable option for Australian households and businesses looking to reduce their power bills.  Renewable energy is becoming a financial and environmental necessity.  The FNQ Solar Hub provides clear and unbiased information on the benefits of solar power and what to consider when choosing a solar system.

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