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Online Community Hub

Our Online Community Hub captures and gives you access to information about local environmental issues that have been raised by members of the community, and provides opportunities to connect with others and take part in community-led action. Our Hub provides direct access to report on local issues to council, a Hotline Directory, and a Resource Toolkit with some of our favourite resources to support local action.

How to use the Online Community Hub

Use the Online Hub to get invovled in an issue CAFNEC is supporting or working on, or to let the wider community know about an environmental concern you have that you are taking action on!

Please note, the Online Hub is not designed to be a place to report issues, for this please see the relevant contacts in our Hotline Directory. 

Environmental Issues Raised

If you would like to make an update on one of the environment issues raised here, please email our Community Organiser with the relevant information at getinvolved@nullcafnec.org.au.

Mass Fish Die-off

As we arrived at Saltwater Lake we found council vehicles and workers about, including a boat in...

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Mass Fish Die-off

As we arrived at Saltwater Lake we found council vehicles and workers about, including a boat in...

read more

If you are taking local-led action on an issue and would like to see it added to the Map of community-raised environmental concerns so others are able to join you and get involved, please complete the form below. Please note, the Online Hub is not designed to be a place to report issues, for this please see the relevant contacts in our Hotline Directory. 

Max. file size: 2 MB.
If you do not want to include your contact details, all communications by other members of the community to get involved in your issue will be through our Community Organiser.

Resource Toolkit

CAFNEC Community Policies

Please be sure to read and follow these CAFNEC Community Policies.

CAFNEC Community Code of Conduct

CAFNEC Community Anti-Discrimination Policy

Direct any questions about these policies to our Community Organiser at getinvolved@nullcafnec.org.au.

Training Calendar

Training – Growing Community

Training – Sharing our Story

One-to-one coaching to support community led action is available to Members and Member Groups of CAFNEC. If you are interested or would like to find out more please email our Community Organiser at getinvolved@nullcafnec.org.au.

Community Connect

Connect with the CAFNEC community by signing up to the online platform Slack. CAFNEC encourages you to get connected with fellow community members through this platform, and to be able to reach out to our Community Organiser for ongoing support. 

Slack: How-To Guide

Slack Guidelines

Slack Norms

Some of these resources are based on the Australian Progress Networks guides. 

Growing your Community

Personal Narrative

Relational Meetings

SOURCE: James Whelan and Sam La Rocca, The Change Agency, http://www.thechangeagency.org

Fair Immigration Reform Movement http://www.fairimmigration.org.

Community Mapping

Circles of Commitment

Take Action
Hosting an Event

Community Image Release Form

Event Management Plan

Please note that all additions of materials have been provided with the intention of appropriate acknowledgement and respect for licenses. If you have any concerns about the inclusion or presentation of materials please contact our Community Organiser at getinvolved@nullcafnec.org.au to discuss.

Report Local Issues

Use Snap Send Solve to report issues to your local council, utilities or other authorities that need addressing in your community.

Hotline Directory

Development Proposal

Cairns Regional Council

Lodging a submission against a proposal.

Online: Complete the Online Development Submission.

In person: Over the counter at Council’s Customer Service Centre, 119-145 Spence Street, Cairns

Mail: Cairns Regional Council Attention: Manager, Strategic Planning & Approvals, PO Box 359, Cairns QLD  4870

Email: submissions@nullcairns.qld.gov.au

Cassowary Coast Regional Council

Online: Through MyCouncil.

Email: enquiries@nullcassowarycoast.qld.gov.au

Mail: Innisfail and Tully offices;  Chief Executive Officer, Cassowary Coast Regional Council, PO Box 887, Innisfail QLD 4860


Queensland Government

Phone: 24/7 Pollution Hotline —1300 130 372 (option 2)

Great Barrier Marine Park Authority

For oil, diesal and sewage marine pollution.

Phone: 1800 341 211

Illegal Dumping

Queensland Government

Access the online report to report an illegal dump site.

Email: illegaldumping@nulldes.qld.gov.au.

Cairns Regional Council

Online Self Service Portal, or via the free My Cairns app

Phone: 1300 69 22 47

Cassowary Coast Regional Council

Online: Complete Form

Mareeba Shire Council

Phone: 1300 308 461


Queensland Government

If you witness or suspect an offence to wildlife please complete the Wildlife complaint report form.

Email: Complete the Enquiry form for general enquiries about human-wildlife interactions in Queensland.


  • RSPCA on 1300 264 625 (1300 animal) for injured, sick or orphaned wildlife (other than crocodiles and cassowaries or marine mammals)
  • 1300 130 372 (option 1) for sick, injured or orphaned cassowaries,  marine animal stranding or an injured, sick or dead turtle, dugong, dolphin or whale
  • 1300 130 372 (option 2) for fish/aquatic animal deaths in rivers and creeks

Queensland Government

Report sightings of exotic and invasive pests and diseases.

Online: Complete the Online Form

Phone: 13 25 23 Biosecurity Queensland;  1800 675 888 Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline

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