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FNQ Environment Roundtable

Friday 7th and Saturday 8th
October 2022

As a regional conservation council, CAFNEC is tasked with representing our regional conservation issues at a State and National level; to government, larger organisations and the wider community. The FNQ Environment Roundtable, hosted by CAFNEC for a number of years, has provided an opportunity for CAFNEC to bring together CAFNEC Members and Supporters within the FNQ region to discuss our challenges and solutions, and identify strategic issues.

The purpose of the FNQ Environment Roundtable is to:

  • Maintain and strengthen between groups within the FNQ region;
  • Facilitate knowledge and resource sharing within the region;
  • Take the time to focus on the broader regional perspective;
  • Identify shared challenges and opportunities, and potential areas for collaboration; and,
  • Deliver capacity building workshops and identify future training needs and opportunities.

This year the FNQ Environment Roundtable will take place over two days: Friday 7th October from 8:30am to 5pm, at the Mossman CWA (28 Front St, Mossman); and Saturday 8th October from 8:30am to 4:30pm at the Port Douglas Community Hall (Cnr Mowbray St & Mudlo St, Port Douglas). Please note the different venues.


Friday 7th Oct: Collaborative work amongst CAFNEC Member Groups and Members

Saturday 8th Oct: Keynote speakers, and advocacy training.

Program for 2022

Previous FNQ Environment Roundtable Reports

Find out more about our most recent events, and what a day at the Roundtable entails.


Unfortunately, there is limited capacity so if you would like to attend please make sure to follow the link below to register. Lastly, please note that any cancellations must be made to myself via the email below, before Wednesday 5th October.

Member Group

Registrations for CAFNEC Member Groups only.

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When Registering for the forum, members are asked to provide a one page update that will be shared with participants of the morning session. The update should include - Name of the organisation - Details of participants attending the forum - About us (250 words) - Recent or key project/work (250 words) - Strategic Interests (150 words) (what are you working on that other groups are likely to be working on, which will benefit from strategic collaboration?)

Additional Attendees

Please invite one to two current and/or emerging leaders in your organisation/community to join the event.
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Please provide which date(s) you will be attending.


Registration for CAFNEC Members only.

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General Registration

If you are not a CAFNEC Member Group or Member please register below. Please note that you will only be able to attend the event on Saturday 8th October, as Friday is limited to Member Groups and Members only. If you would like to become a Member please go to: https://cafnec.org.au/membership/.

To find out CAFNEC's Member Groups please go to: https://cafnec.org.au/membergroups/

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