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Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior arrives in Cairns April 27

This week, six brave Greenpeace volunteers climbed onto a coal tanker just outside the Great Barrier Reef and stayed there for 28 hours. They did this because Australia’s coal exports are the nation’s greatest contribution to climate change and plans are underway to roughly double the volume of coal we export – a development that …

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Reef at Risk: Coal mining and the Great Barrier Reef

By Anna McGuire, CAFNEC Coordinator CAFNEC, the Australian Conservation Foundation and Greenpeace Australia Pacific held a forum on this issue in February 2013. This forum featured Mark Ogge from the Australia Institute and Louise Mattheisson from Greenpeace. The Great Barrier Reef that we all know and love is at risk.  Coal companies are planning to …

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Public forum – Reef at Risk: Coal mining and the Great Barrier Reef, THIS THURSDAY 7 Feb

Coal mining companies are planning up to nine new coal terminals along the Great Barrier Reef coast, meaning thousands more coal ships crossing the reef and millions of tonnes of sea-bed dredging. Come along to find out what this means for the reef that we all love.

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Black coal is Australia’s second-highest export commodity and Australia is the world’s leading coal exporter

Over the past 10 years black coal exports have increased by more than 50%. Japan takes 39.3% of Australia’s black coal exports – the largest share, with a total of 115.3 million tonnes exported last financial year. China is our second largest market with 42.4 million tonnes in 2009-2010, almost double the previous year. The …

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Our reef at risk from coal expansion

Protecting the Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area in a time of massive mining expansion in Queensland is critically important. Cumulative impacts have never been assessed and this oversight has led to the recent assessment by GBRMPA (in their new Biodiversity Conservation Strategy) that humpback whales, inshore dolphins, sharks, rays, sawfish, sea snakes, threadfin salmon, offshore seabirds …

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Environmental Film Night – FREE!

Tues 28 August, at “The Pavilion” Community Tent at The Village on the Esplanade CAFNEC presents three environmental films to stimulate and educate.  Bring your friends out for an intimate evening on the Esplanade with CAFNEC, as part of Festival Cairns 2012. 5.15pm –  Bimblebox –  a documentary that highlights the grass-roots battles between coal …

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Film Screening: Bimblebox – A documentary on Coal & CSG

Sunday 22 July 2012, 5.30-7.30pm. A documentary from the front lines of Australia’s battle against coal and gas expansion

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Rich Land, Wasteland – how coal is killing Australia

A book by Sharon Munro. For nearly a year Sharyn Munro travelled through rural Australia, visiting the communities in the coal-mining areas. She found a war zone. Here, ‘at the coalface’, towns and districts are dying — homeowners and farmers forced out by mining, broken in spirit and in health, or else under threat, in limbo and battling the might of …

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Bimblebox – A documentary from the front lines of Australia’s battle against coal and gas expansion.  This film initially focuses on the Bimblebox Nature Refuge in Central Qld, the site of Clive Palmer’s China First coal mine proposal – the biggest of its kind in Australia. However the film also does a great job of covering the broad issues for local communities and the …

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Climate Action, Coal and CSG

On the 7 and 8th of May, Climate Action Network Australia held their annual conference in Sydney with more than 80 people from 50 different groups around Australia. The conference covered both information sharing on issues such as the Clean Energy Futures Package, Coal and CSG activity, Carbon markets and investment, as well as planning for both the next Federal election …

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