Tues 28 August, at “The Pavilion” Community Tent at The Village on the Esplanade

CAFNEC presents three environmental films to stimulate and educate.  Bring your friends out for an intimate evening on the Esplanade with CAFNEC, as part of Festival Cairns 2012.

5.15pm –  Bimblebox  a documentary that highlights the grass-roots battles between coal mining, rural landholders and environmental protection.  The film explores the huge Australian coal export industry and the ordinary Australians trying to defend their properties, towns and communities. A must-see film. See http://bimbleboxdocumentary.com/

6.45pm –  Bag it – the Movie: ‘Is your life too plastic?‘ –  is about the obsession modern society has with plastic and plastic bags.   Fast-paced and often funny,  Bag it leads the viewer on a global investigation into the effects of plastic bags and plastic on our waterways, oceans and even our own bodies.  See http://www.bagitmovie.com/

8.15pm End of the Line: ‘Imagine a world without fish – The world’s first major documentary about the devastating effect of overfishing. The End of the Line is not against fishing or against eating fish, but asks us to imagine a world without fish and calls for a responsible attitude towards the oceans.  See http://endoftheline.com/film/