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Take action – Protect the Places You Love

The government is planning to hand over environmental approval powers to the states through COAG, thereby weakening our environmental law reforms, and threatening unique Australian ecosystems and species. This would mean project approvals could occur without federal oversight. Unfortunately, the states can’t be trusted to look after the environment. State governments have a track record …

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Airport Land Use Plan Update:5 November 2012

On 14th September 2012 the final version of the mangrove-threatening Cairns Airport Land Use Plan was submitted to Hon Jeff Seeney, Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning. Rob Williams from the Barron Delta Mangrove Protection Campaign asked the Airport Administration if a copy of this final plan is available to the public but was …

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Cairns Regional Council – 31 Oct 2012 Meeting

NORTH QUEENSLAND AIRPORTS CAIRNS AIRPORT LAND USE PLAN http://www.cairns.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0006/63969/31oct12_ordinary_cl15.pdf

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Cairns Regional Council background papers – 31 Oct 2012

Cairns Regional Council will be considering some important decisions at their October meeting. Read these background papers for more information.

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8am Wednesday 31 Oct outside Council, Spence St (prior to Council meeting and the re-vote on the Esplanade cycleway) Defend our cycleway Demand environmental protection Demand a Council accountable to all the people – not just developers Our new Council has set out to dismantle cycling facilities, turn the clock back on planning laws, and …

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Our reef at risk from coal expansion

Protecting the Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area in a time of massive mining expansion in Queensland is critically important. Cumulative impacts have never been assessed and this oversight has led to the recent assessment by GBRMPA (in their new Biodiversity Conservation Strategy) that humpback whales, inshore dolphins, sharks, rays, sawfish, sea snakes, threadfin salmon, offshore seabirds …

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Boat Bay Debacle

There is a proposal to build a marina, in beautiful Boat Bay at Mission Beach. It will irrevocable change this environment, as excavation of 14 hectares of mangroves is required, to build an ‘all-states-of-the-tide’ boating facility. Background Boat Bay is located on the northern side of the headland of Clump Point, at the northern end …

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Wayne Swan forces adhoc development in the GBRWHA – Pre-empts proper assessment process

MEDIA RELEASE – Monday 9th July 2012 Alliance to Save Hinchinbrook Inc. and Cassowary Coast Alliance On the dubious basis that “Mr Katter insists there is no safe harbour for boaties between Cairns and Townsville”, Wayne Swan has apparently bypassed all state and commonwealth legal, planning and approval processes. He has given away $5.5m of …

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Taylor Point spared from development – for now…

Cairns’ iconic coastal headland, Taylor Point, has been spared from development yet again, at least for the time-being. Judge Everson found the proposal was in “significant” and “flagrant” conflict with the Council’s 1996 planning scheme, which was in effect when the development application was lodged in 2004. Judge Everson also concluded that there were insufficient grounds to approve the proposed development notwithstanding these conflicts. …

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