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Easter Holiday Bat Chats

Bat Chats is an informal guided tour of the vulnerable Spectacled Flying Fox roost outside Cairns City Library and vicinity. People will learn about how the Spectacled Flying Fox is a “keystone species” which has a key role in seed dispersal around the region. Watch the evening ‘fly-out’! Time: 5:30pm – 6.30pm Where: Corner of Aplin St …

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Outcomes of election environment survey for FNQ

Outcomes of election environment survey for FNQ shows YOUR VOTE MATTERS! The outcomes of a pre-election survey of local candidates by CAFNEC (the Cairns and Far North Environment Centre) has shown major differences between the candidates and their parties on key environment issues. CAFNEC has summarised these differences in an Environment Report Card. Results showed …

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Vote for the Environment – what has happened in the last 3 years?

In the lead up to the 2015 election CAFNEC is encouraging everyone to Vote For The Environment and Vote for the Reef. Queensland Conservation Council and The Cairns And Far North Environment Centre are sharing the following summary of the environmental policies enacted in the last three years of Government. This leaflet is being distributed …

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Aquis Resort Environmental Impact Statement – CAFNEC submission

Comment on the Aquis Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) closed 5th August 2014. The EIS presented a wide range of potential large scale impacts. CAFNEC has raised a number of concerns in it’s submission, including that: repeated references to strategies and plans that will be developed is an inadequate demonstration, of how impacts of a project of unprecedented …

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A change of plan – What’s on the horizon for our coastal areas?

To those of us who aren’t planners or legal specialists, changes to planning legislation can seem pretty dull and incomprehensible, but it’s worth persisting through the pages of confusing terminology, as the implications of these changes can be dramatic. The Newman government recently repealed the Queensland Coastal Plan which governed development and environmental protection in coastal areas, …

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Help protect Ella Bay – sign here

The future of Ella Bay now rests with the Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke. Please take a moment to send an email to Minister Burke below to add your voice to the many that are calling for a stop to this inappropriate development. Help us to protect this special area for generations to come. More about …

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A sad day for Ella Bay – inappropriate development receives State approval

Cairns: Tuesday 20th November 2012 Today after many years of opposition from concerned community members and groups, the Premier Campbell Newman has announced the approval of a highly inappropriate development for Ella Bay, north of Innisfail. This development is to be located on a 450-hectare former cattle station nestled between World Heritage-listed national park and …

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Take action – Protect the Places You Love

The government is planning to hand over environmental approval powers to the states through COAG, thereby weakening our environmental law reforms, and threatening unique Australian ecosystems and species. This would mean project approvals could occur without federal oversight. Unfortunately, the states can’t be trusted to look after the environment. State governments have a track record …

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Airport Land Use Plan Update:5 November 2012

On 14th September 2012 the final version of the mangrove-threatening Cairns Airport Land Use Plan was submitted to Hon Jeff Seeney, Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning. Rob Williams from the Barron Delta Mangrove Protection Campaign asked the Airport Administration if a copy of this final plan is available to the public but was …

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Cairns Regional Council – 31 Oct 2012 Meeting

NORTH QUEENSLAND AIRPORTS CAIRNS AIRPORT LAND USE PLAN http://www.cairns.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0006/63969/31oct12_ordinary_cl15.pdf

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