On 14th September 2012 the final version of the mangrove-threatening Cairns Airport Land Use Plan was submitted to Hon Jeff Seeney, Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning. Rob Williams from the Barron Delta Mangrove Protection Campaign asked the Airport Administration if a copy of this final plan is available to the public but was told that “Until such time as we receive their first response it won’t be available as a public document. There is no set timeline on their review process so I am not able to give any definite indication of when it will be available but we would hope it’s before the end of the year.”
Cairns Regional Council however must have received a copy as at the council meeting 31 October 2012 they drew up a list of concerns to be forwarded to the minister. Council made some very significant comments with regards to the reduction in allocated green space and loss of areas of ecological significance. According to Rob’s interpretation of the revised plan they are after more mangroves in the Little Barron River than they were in the initial draft plan.

If you are as concerned please write to Jeff Seeney (DeputyPremier@nullministerial.qld.gov.au) and let him know what you think. The mangroves on Planet Earth have already suffered enough.