Invite us to stencil with your school/community group

(Prefer to run the event yourself and just rent our equipment? In that case, check out our Equipment Rental page.)

Information to submit to CAFNEC: 

Please email and provide the following information:

  1. Primary contact person’s email and phone number
  2. Number of participants 
  3. Additional services requested 
  4. Date of proposed stenciling (minimum 2 weeks notice)
  5. Location (we can help with this if stenciling on public land). 
  6. Acknowledgement of the terms provided below .  

Cost Structure 

No. of participants



Up to 15


Participant numbers do not include teachers / supervisors. 

Each additional participant



Additional Services 



Trained supervisors 


Regardless of location, each team must have an adult supervisor and if stenciling on roads, that supervisor must have been trained by CAFNEC. You can reduce costs by making sure there is an adult supervisor for each team (we can train an adult from your team in 10 minutes prior to the session),  or we can bring along trained supervisor for your teams at a cost of $20 per trained supervisor.

Council approval for public roads 


Stenciling on public lands requires CAFNEC to seek council approval. This fee will be added for any stenciling activities which requires CAFNEC to seek council approval.

Location Scouting


Want to have a drain stenciling activity but don’t know where to do it? We can scout out a location for you. The extra cost is to cover staff time going out to find a great place for your stencils.

Price includes: 

  • Transportation of all materials to and from site. 
  • Interactive outdoor presentation / discussion about different threats to the reef and what we can do to protect the reef from these threats. 
  • Safety briefing. 
  • All stencilling and safety equipment. 


  • Prior consent from land holders must be sought and confirmed in writing for all stenciling. CAFNEC can assist with council approvals if requested.
  • A cancellation fee of 30% will be incurred if cancelled within 1 week, 50% if cancelled within 3 days, and 70% if cancelled within 24 hours. (50% cancellation fee if rebooked within the next 2 months).  
  • You accept that events could be canceled due to bad weather or unforeseen circumstances. 
  • CAFNEC is not liable for any injuries or damage to property that may occur during stencilling. 
  • Invoices should be paid in full to CAFNEC within one week of receiving. 

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