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Across regional Queensland we are feeling the impacts of Climate Change. Hotter days, extreme flood events, fires, coastal flooding and erosion and more severe cyclones. We are seeing the reef bleach more often than ever before, our rainforests are drying out and burning, droughts are affecting our farms and agriculture. It is really tough. Regional Queensland is doing it tough and we need our government to act. 


According to a new report recently published, “Queensland Climate Action Plan: Laying the foundation for a successful climate transformation” , we now have the least ambitious emissions reduction plan in the country. The research is showing that with our current emissions reduction plan, we won’t meet the requirements of the Paris Agreement and limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees. Our current plan means we blow out by almost triple the emissions budget available to limit the temperature rise to 1.5 degrees. That’s not good enough, we need an ambitious state government that’s ready to tackle climate change with serious action.

Lucy, CAFNEC’s Director recently hosted a webinar on to unpack the report mentioned above, and to highlight the interactions between the climate and biodiversity crisis. The need to tackle both and what we can do to demonstrate to the government that regional Queensland wants real action on climate. See Below. 

We all need to take action for a safer climate. Follow the link here to sign the petition and write to the QLD Premier: https://cafnec.org.au/all-campaigns/can/