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A group of James Cook University students is presenting an art exhibition this June on the theme of our positive and negative relationship with the ocean. Titled Seventy One Percent – the percentage of the earth’s surface that is water – the event is a group exhibition comprised of emerging and established artists who share a concern for the environment.

You are invited! – Join the facebook event here.

logoThe event is being hosted through the Cairns Regional Council’s Urban Spaces program, with the space a pop-up gallery at 33 Lake Street. Free to the public, the event will officially open on Saturday, 13th June at 6:30pm. Local emerging musician Micki will provide entertainment throughout the night. The CAFNEC Marine Response Team will be on hand to provide information to the attendees. The exhibition will remain open every day until the 23rd June.

The diverse exhibition will showcase work from dresses made of plastic – a comment on marine pollution – to colour field paintings exploring the colours and vibrancy of the ocean. Projection, assemblage, sculpture, digital prints, and paintings will create an immersive experience that the curators hope will raise awareness of the beauty and fragility of the marine environment, and our role in looking after it.

The organising team behind this project are all studying Creative Industries at James Cook University, and as senior students will soon be joining the creative community of Cairns. They are fundraising for the project and any excess funds will be donated to the Cairns and Far North Environment Centre for the Cairns Drain Stencil Project.http://www.marineteam.org/cairns-drain-stencil-project/

For further information, contact Jessica.roelofs@nullmy.jcu.edu.au or visit www.seventyonepercentexhibition.com