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CAFNEC fighting plastic pollution – 85% support for container deposits

85% SUPPORT FOR QUEENSLAND CONTAINER DEPOSITS Newspoll has found that over 85% of the community support a container deposit scheme. CAFNEC supports the introduction of a deposit on beverage containers like the one that has been successful in SA for many years. Reducing the amount of plastic and glass ending up in landfill and littering our land and sea environment is important to our future and putting a deposit on containers is …

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Plastic-Free Push

On July 11th, 2013, Environment Minister Andrew Powell confirmed the Queensland Government would be considering a ban on plastic bags, but by the next day the story had changed.  On Friday, 12th July, Minister Powell said, “The Newman Government will not introduce waste or recycling measures that increase the cost of living for Queenslanders.” We …

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Port Douglas Reusable Bag Launch

The new Port Douglas reusable bag has arrived and is now out there in the community helping to reduce the use of plastic bags as part of the Think Outside the Bag campaign.

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Think Outside the Bag Update

By Mindi Tonak, Sustainability & Climate Change Campaigner, CAFNEC   This is a very exciting time for the Think Outside the Bag campaign as it is gaining a great deal of momentum.  It is moving to see the amount of positive feedback we’ve been receiving from businesses and the public alike.  Recently, The Cairns Post …

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Creating a plastic free paradise

CAFNEC recently kicked off the Think Outside the Bag campaign, to encourage a phase-out of plastic bags in a couple of trial areas in the far north. One of these areas is Port Douglas, where we’re excited to be working with the Douglas Shire Sustainability Group and Tangaroa Blue. Think Outside the Bag is about …

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Learn stuff – check out this great plastic bag infographic

Suffocating The World by LearnStuff.com is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at http://www.learnstuff.com/suffocating-the-world/.

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Local artist on board for a plastic free paradise

Anyone walking down Shields St recently may have noticed an unusual shop front window display. The enticing, glowing world of plastic on display at Community Foods is an art installation created by local artist Kevin Mayo as part of the Think Outside the Bag project. The Think Outside the Bag project is being run by …

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Singing for sustainability – plastic invasion song

We recently partnered with the Heyday Festival and Song Connection choir to facilitate the singing for sustainability project. This project was funded by Festivals Australia and involved workshops to develop and rehearse what has now become the “plastic invasion” song. This song was performed at Heyday Festival Heyday Festival on October 6 2012, inviting and encouraging participation from …

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Competition for creative Port Douglas locals – “Think Outside the Bag”

Calling all creative Port Douglas residents… You’re invited to create a design for an iconic Port Douglas reusable shopping bag on the theme of “keep paradise plastic free” as part of the Think Outside the Bag project. The Cairns and Far North Environment Centre, Tangaroa Blue and the Douglas Shire Sustainability Group are currently running …

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Support a ban on plastic bags

Over 4 million plastic shopping bags are used in Australia every year. Each of these bags will take up to 1000 years to break down, and has the potential to injure or kill marine life for decades to come. The good news is, the solution is simple – we just need to stop using these plastic bags.

There are many alternatives, so there’s no excuse for allowing this pollution to continue. IT’S TIME FOR QUEENSLAND TO BAN SINGLE-USE PLASTIC SHOPPING BAGS. South Australia has banned the bag, and we can too. Please act now to protect our precious marine life and prevent this needless waste of natural resources.

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