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Aquis mega resort

Comment on the Aquis Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) closed 5th August 2014. The EIS presented a wide range of potential large scale impacts. CAFNEC has raised a number of concerns in it’s submission, including that:

  • repeated references to strategies and plans that will be developed is an inadequate demonstration, of how impacts of a project of unprecedented  scale will be dealt with;

    Aquis resort impact area

    Aquis resort impact area

  • coastal processes and flooding have not been fully addressed, particularly with regard to potential river migration;
  • insufficient evidence is provided to adequately assess the ability of proponents to meet water quality outcomes;
  • potential impacts of lighting “noticeable over a wide distance” have not been addressed; and
  • there has been no assessment on the wider implications of increased visitor impact on the Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics World Heritage Areas.

Read the CAFNEC submission to Aquis EIS for more information.