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Reef Hour – Election Special

The Reef Hour – Election Special event will feature political candidates discussing their positions on issues relevant to the protection of the Great Barrier Reef. Event Details: When: Tuesday 27th January. 12:30 – 1:30pm Where: Salt House, Marina Point Who: Micheal Trout MP (LNP), Rob Pyne (Labor candidate), Noel Castley-Wright (Greens candidate) What: Introduction to …

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International Obligations for Australia’s National Marine Network

A CAFNEC intern recently wrote a report for our Protect Our Coral campaign about: international obligations for Australia’s National Representative System of Marine Protected Areas (NRSMPA) and supporting national legislation. The NRSMPA is an Australian initiative drawn from international obligations to create a nation-wide system of marine protected areas, which will be the first of its …

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Celebrate With Us World Ocean Day

‘A Special Gathering of Extraordinary People of the Sea’ A dynamic and compelling collection of stories that will take you on a journey from the shallows of the coral reef to the depths of the oceans. Program Stuart Ireland – ‘What happened when the lights went out’ Ben Jones -‘Introducing the Flatback Turtle – an …

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Our Love for the Coral Sea

By Mariasole Bianco, Marine Campaigner, CAFNEC It’s impossible not to love the amazing species and landscapes of the Coral Sea. From thickly forested islands to small sandy cays, beautiful coral reefs and yet to be explored reef slopes and deep sea canyons; the Coral Sea contains 49 different habitats and supports over 300 threatened species. It …

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Our Love for the Coral Sea led to greater protection of this marine jewel

Australia is living an historical moment for global ocean conservation with the recently announced national representative network of marine reserve that will ensure that 3.1 million square kilometres of our ocean will be protected and managed primarily for biodiversity conservation. This is a major step forward for creating balance in our oceans and ensuring healthy …

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You are invited to a month of Ocean celebration

The Cairns and Far North Environment Centre and the Protect Our Coral Sea Campaign  are pleased to invite you to three fantastic FREE events Free Film Screening of Planet Ocean Date:  Saturday 2nd February 2013 Time: 6.30pm for a 7pm start Venue: Centre of Contemporary Arts, 96 Abbott St, Cairns Bookings essential: 405 33779    marine@cafnec.org.au  …

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Last public consultation period for the Coral Sea Marine Reserve

The creation of the world’s largest marine reserve in the Coral Sea is the result of the combined effort of so many people. More than 100,000 Australians have had their say on the Coral Sea, and the government has listened! Since late 2012, more of the Coral Sea has been fully protected. Now, we are …

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The river flows to the reef

I have lived alongside the Johnstone River for forty-two years and watched the river run red every time heavy rain falls. Lately,  I have noticed it needs less and less rainfall to cause the river to run red.                   At the mouth of the Johnstone River the …

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Start of the New Public Consultation Period for the management plan of Coral Sea

Send in a submission to ensure that the Coral Sea Marine Reserve will be effectively managed It is official. We can now celebrate the proclamation of the Coral Sea Marine Reserve! This outcome was the combined effort of so many people! However, the work is not yet over. Now, we need to focus on ensuring …

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Sharks of the Coral Sea

Scientists estimate that up to 90% of the big oceanic fish, including sharks, have been lost from our oceans over the past 50 years due to overfishing.  The Coral Sea is one of the world’s last ocean areas where healthy populations of large ocean predators still exist.  For this reason the Coral Sea is considered …

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