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Send in a submission to ensure that the Coral Sea Marine Reserve will be effectively managed

It is official. We can now celebrate the proclamation of the Coral Sea Marine Reserve!

photo © Lucy Trippett

This outcome was the combined effort of so many people! However, the work is not yet over. Now, we need to focus on ensuring the Marine Reserve has the best possible management plan. We have two more public consultation periods where your voice is important. The first started today.

The Director of National Parks is asking for public comment for a period of 30 days on the proposal to prepare a draft management plan of the Coral Sea Marine Reserve. Send in a submission now to ensure that the Coral Sea Marine Reserve will be effectively managed

The management plan will define all the activities that will be allowed within the Coral Sea Marine Reserve and how they must be carried out. The Coral Sea truly is the jewel in the crown of the new national system of marine reserves and we now need to urge the Federal Minister for the Environment to do all he can to protect this special place into the future by developing a comprehensive and effective management plan.

In particular we will urge the Minister to make two changes to the zoning system to help maintain the health of one of the most intact tropical pelagic ecosystems in the world.

1.      Extend the marine national park zone around Shark, Vema and Osprey Reefs further west by 10 kms to ensure that the important reef-associated pelagic species and reef slopes are fully protected.

2.      Provide financial assistance to the long line fishers who are willing to stop fishing down to 22 degrees South and extend the marine national park zone over this area.

During the recent public consultation period on the final zoning over 83,000 people entered submissions in favour of the marine reserve network and we would love to achieve the same results this time!

So please sign the submission and spread the word!