A Development Application (DA) by Halpin Pty Group has been submitted to Cairns Regional Council on 27/01/22. The Reference number is 11526/2022.

The Development Application is for a self-storage facility and warehouses. The application includes a Material Change of Use for the lot.

UPDATE (23rd August 2022)

Just by way of an update, Sarah was invited by Council to make a closed door presentation along with Planner Liz Taylor. Yesterday she gave a rundown over coffee here, about 10 people showed up which was good. One even brought a great cake she baked!

Sounds like Sarah could not have done a better job. Focussed on key issues, had a good response and on top of commenting in the context of the planning scheme, presented concerns re the nature of the development. Still sounds like an uphill battle because the Halpin fella sounds like a fighter but I reckon we all could not have done a better job with our submissions and focus in general.

So now we wait and see, and we will try again to get some media interest.

UPDATE (5th July 2022)

The Public Notification stage which is the period when members of the public can lodge concerns is open until the 28 July. The DA reference number is 11526/2022.

UPDATE (27th June 2022)

A community meeting with Councillor Amy Eden Saturday 25 June at 8am about the proposed development at 39 Law Street. It will be held on site, near the old gate. The notification sign went up about the material change of use last week.

UPDATE (14th March 2022)
The residents’ meeting held on 14 March to discuss the current Development Application for 39 Law Street was a success.
People local to the area discussed their concerns about the project and its suitability for this open space in Cairns North.
Given the Development Application  (Ref Number 11526/2022) has not proceeded to Public Notification yet, there is time for anyone concerned to consider getting their submission ready for lodging in the “Have Your Say” section of the Council website or mail in a handwritten submission once the Public Notification period starts.
Cairns North is a beautiful suburb so if you have concerns about how this Development Application aligns with the town plan, this is an opportunity to raise them.

If you would like to get more involved email our Community Organiser at getinvolved@nullcafnec.org.au.