Every morning, as I set out for a peaceful walk with my furry companion, little did I know that a small aquatic plant would leave a lasting impact on me. It all began when I noticed the vibrant green patches floating on the surface of the nearby creek. Curiosity got the better of me, and I soon discovered that these delicate plants were Amazon frogbit.

With each passing day, as I strolled along the creek, I couldn’t help but observe the expanding presence of the frogbit. The once tranquil water now became partially covered by dense mats of this invasive species. It was both fascinating and concerning to witness its rapid spread.

As I walked, I couldn’t ignore the ecological changes that accompanied the frogbit invasion. The sunlight struggled to penetrate the thick mats, casting a shadow over the underwater world. Native aquatic plants that once thrived were now scarce, their beauty and importance diminished.

About the Author

Aïsha is CAFNEC’s Community Organiser and has been working for CAFNEC for nearly 5 years. Aïsha is empowered by the passion and drive of others in our community.

While my dog happily explored the surroundings, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of urgency. The negative impact of the frogbit was evident. It disrupted the delicate balance of the ecosystem, affecting the life that depended on the creek’s health.

It saddened me to think about the consequences for the local wildlife. How would this invasive plant affect the fish, frogs, and insects that called this creek home? The disruption caused by the frogbit extended far beyond the water’s surface. It had the potential to disrupt the entire food web and the intricate relationships within the ecosystem.

Walking among the frogbit-infested creek, I realised the importance of all of us taking action. Working on frogbit alongside other key stakeholders has helped me find solace in knowing that my actions are making a difference. The frogbit invasion has transformed my casual stroll into a purposeful mission.

As the fight against Amazonian frogbit continues, your support becomes crucial in sustaining the progress made so far. By donating to CAFNEC, you directly contribute to our work in controlling and managing this invasive species. Together, we can make a tangible difference in protecting our environment and ensuring the long-term sustainability of our ecosystems. Join us today by making a donation to CAFNEC and become a part of the collective effort to create a healthier and more balanced natural habitat for all. Now when I walk my dog each morning, I will see beyond the surface. I will see the interconnectedness of our actions and the impact they have on the environment.