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Our way of life in Far North Queensland is special, living side-by-side with the oldest living tropical rainforest, and the stunning Great Barrier Reef. The natural environment that surrounds us is such a big part of our everyday experience. The places we love to see, and the activities we love to do.

We know that communities across Far North Queensland are feeling the impacts of a changing climate, here and now. Our homes vulnerable to flooding, our work more and more uncertain, and our beautiful beaches being swept away. 

This year we want to hear from you. We want to know your experiences of living in Far North Queensland. To understand the challenges and the changes you have seen to our way of life.

This year we are stepping into our neighbourhoods talking to, and bringing together our community; hearing and learning from you, how we can all make sure our way of life remains better for ourselves, our communities, and our unique natural environment.