I need your help!

Our Australian Spectacled Flying Fox meets the criteria of Critically Endangered. This is a classification away from being extinct in the wild.
Yet our Cairns Regional Council continues to engage in disruptive and costly activities at a nationally important SFF roost. In the past 125 days of Councils actions there have been 43 orphaned SFF pups and 6 adult deaths. I am going to keep count!
Council is not stopping, and our State and Federal Government departments are not doing anything to stop them either.
It is pup rearing season. Temperatures are getting hotter. As a community we need to make our voices heard to protect this keystone species.
I am calling you to join CAFNEC in taking on-ground action to stop Council, to stop this devastating path to extinction.
  • Register to CAFNEC’s 48 Hour Vigil
When: Saturday 21st November 4am to Monday 23rd 9am
4 hour sitting sessions
Where: Lawns at the front of the Cairns CBD Library
  • Campaign Volunteer Meeting
When: Tuesday 17th November, 5pm to 6pm
I really hope you can be there. We are seeing extinction in action!
Aisha de Barros Lopes
Community Organiser