The Drain Stencil Project was initiated in February 2015 by volunteers of the CAFNEC Marine Response Team. It was officially launched on Friday, 5th of June 2015 at Yorkey’s Knob. Our first drain stencilling event was a beautiful sunny day and it was celebrated by many members from the Cairns region and Yorkeys Knob community. We were fortunate to have a local

artist Imogen from Art of ION  to draw a beautiful chalk and stencil artwork on one of the drain inlets, which we were all very proud of.  At the event there were also an array of different information stalls, and free food was provided to quench everyone’s fierce appetites after a day out stencilling. The day was a great success and was enjoyed by the community, the council and the CAFNEC Marine Response Team. We were even able to show our success with an article in the Cairns Post.

DSC_0669The launch was exciting and a great success. From the launch date until the end of 2015 six stencil sessions were held in other suburbs around Cairns, managing to stencil over 40 drains. The project was able to continue in to 2016, where a suburb-intensive program was initiated, allowing us to focus on one suburb at a time. More stencilling sessions were held, and with the help of schools and communities we were able to stencil over 100 drains.

The Drain Stencil Project from the day of the launch has continued to grow and continues to have avid participants but it would be great to have more of your help, interest and involvement! If you have a drain in your local area that you think would be great for stencilling, and you want to do something positive for your community and the environment registe here and find out some more about how you can become involved.