Hello CAFNEC friends!

facebook-profile-pic4We are sending out a massive thanks to all the volunteers, management committee members and CAFNEC supporters who contributed to a successful election campaign period. We helped put the environment and especially the reef firmly back on the political agenda where it belongs. We achieved some important environment political promises from the Labor party, who look likely to form Government. We built new links in the community, reengaged with long term supporters and yes, even made new friends along the way.

You can recap on some of the activities and achievements that CAFNEC helped make happen on our 2015 election page: https://cafnec.org.au/2015/01/queensland-election-2015-far-north-queensland/
Want to familiarise yourself with why the environment was such an important election issue? Try this for a read – lots to do to reverse the environmental rollback!

Information boothAhead: holding politicians to their promises, forging even more relationships with the FNQ community, pushing forward in new and innovative ways to advance environmental protection, bringing local environmental issues to the fore and building on our strengths to become an even stronger local peak environment group, and building and nurturing a broader community movement for living sensibly and sustainably with nature.

Particular thanks must go the CAFNEC Marine Response Team volunteers in Cairns and Port Douglas. The team led our community engagement and were fantastic from the banner and placard painting, to the huge letterboxing campaign, through the Rusty’s market information stalls to the Reef Hour event, despite the heat, despite the short time frame and inconvenient timing of the ‘snap’ election.

Well done all. I am proud to be associated with such a fine group of volunteers.

CAFNEC is feeling the love, if you are too please consider supporting us to do the crucial work that will be needed to get our environmental sustainability and protection back on track here in FNQ.

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Please consider becoming an EcoStar and supporting the work we do for a better and more sustainable environment for all of us in Queensland and the Far North, and feel free to contact us if you have offers of help, feedback, or just to reconnect with your local environment group.

Best Wishes,
Josh Coates, Marine Programs Coordinator,
For the Environment and the CAFNEC team.