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Save The Reef Rally– Protect Our Inlet

On April 6th 2014 the Cairns and Far North Community came together to express their concern with proposals to dredge to expand Cairns Port, and other dredging / port expansions along the Queensland coast.

This highly successful event was attended by a broad range of community members and featured talks from Bob Irwin, Josh Coates, June Norman and Paris Chadburn, music and a march through town.

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Provide The Facts About Proposals

The Marine Team puts large amounts of time in to establishing what is proposed and providing that information in simple terms. Also the team puts together many other resources that will help community members understand the proposals and what they mean for our marine ecosystems.

Cairns Proposals

Tackle the Issues


What is the Future of The Great Barrier Reef? – Community Survey

Cairns Port Dredging proposal (Cairns Shipping Development Project)

The results of the community survey indicate an overwhelmingly high level of concern regarding the proposal to dredge over 5 million cubic meters of mud to expand the shipping channel into Trinity Inlet.

When survey participants were asked how concerned they were about the proposal over 95% of respondents indicated they were concerned and  75% stated they were ‘very concerned’.

85.5% of respondents support a ban on dumping of dredge spoil in Great Barrier Reef waters.

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