Congratulations to GetUp Cairns and everyone who participated in the successful Global Cooling Party at the Esplanade lagoon last weekend! Over 400 Cairns residents joined thousands of Australians nationwide on November 17, 2013 to call for stronger action on climate change.

  • The last month was the hottest on record!
  • The last 12 months were the hottest on record!
  • The last summer was the hottest on record, breaking 120 records!

At this critical time, it is heartening to see the overwhelming support for stronger action on climate change in Cairns and across Australia. The majority of Australians want action on climate change. Repealing the price on carbon is an irresponsible decision and one that the Abbbott Government does not have a mandate for. We need effective action on climate change and the Coalition’s Direct Action Policy will not deliver meaningful outcomes/

We need to immediately increase Australia’s emission reduction target, keep the price on carbon to drive innovation and reduce emissions, and commit to long term funding for the most vulnerable climate change affected countries.

Find out more about GetUp! and their plans for mobilising mass community climate action this summer


Global Cooling Party – Photo Gallery


IMG_1483 small Yes To Emissions Trading Scheme IMG_1521 small
IMG_1486 small Cairns Wants Action Silent march into the lagoon
2 degrees! 2 degrees! Silent march