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Council and the Novotel resort want to disperse the spectacled flying-fox colony from the Cairns CBD.

They plan to trim the trees around the Cairns City Library until the flying foxes disperse, and to remove these trees if needed. These large and beautiful trees are heritage listed. To get around this Council is considering applying to have these trees removed from the heritage register.

This attempted dispersal would be costly and damaging and would most likely result in the flying foxes forming multiple colonies in other locations within the Cairns CBD.

The spectacled flying-fox is a Federally-listed species and helps to keep the rainforest healthy by pollinating flowers and dispersing seeds.The colony is also a tourist attraction for the city’s many visitors who come to the region to see our abundant wildlife.

Please help us to protect the colony. With enough community support we can still stop the relocation.


Baby spectacled flying fox Photo:Dave Pinson

Baby spectacled flying fox
Photo:Dave Pinson

2 simple things you can do to help:


1. Call Mayor Bob Manning on 4044 3083.

2. Sign the below petition to Mayor Bob Manning.



Want to know more? Read our background information on this issue


We’ll collect your signatures and present them to the Mayor

If you want to contact the Mayor directly: email b.manning@nullcairns.qld.gov.au and phone 4044 3083.

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