The 2031 Regional Plan (originally named the 2025 Regional Plan) took effect in 2009. For many years prior to this CAFNEC had been advocating for a regional approach to planning that could deliver a sensible and sustainable long term development framework for the region. In 2006 CAFNEC was successful and the QLD State government began developing a statutory regional plan which would guide and direct new development in the region up until the year 2031.

CAFNEC’s key goals in this project were to:

  • Create a well researched blueprint for a sustainable future for Far North Queensland
  • Develop mechanisms for the integration of ecologically sustainable development (ESD) into all levels of the FNQ Regional Plan, its implementation, enforcement and review.


FNQ 2031 Regional Plan – State Government Site

The Regulatory Teeth of the Plan, by Ina Richter 

CAFNEC Submission to the Draft Regional Plan, outlining it’s shortcomings and making recommendations

2008 Report: Potential of the Regional Plan

CAFNEC’s 2007 Policy Position on the Regional Planing in FNQ

CAFNEC wishes to sincerely thank the Qld government’s Blueprint for the Bush initiative and Terrain NRM Ltd and the Mullum Trust for supporting our FNQ2031 engagement efforts.