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Addressing urban water pollution – Cairns Drain Stencil Project Launch

Get in on the ground level. Get outdoors, get creative, meet people and do your bit to protect our local marine environment! Join us on World Environment Day, FridayJune 5th, to help launch the Cairns Drain Stencil Project. Our community volunteer group – the CAFNEC Marine Response Team – are excited to be coordinating this project with the support …

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CAFNEC fighting plastic pollution – 85% support for container deposits

85% SUPPORT FOR QUEENSLAND CONTAINER DEPOSITS Newspoll has found that over 85% of the community support a container deposit scheme. CAFNEC supports the introduction of a deposit on beverage containers like the one that has been successful in SA for many years. Reducing the amount of plastic and glass ending up in landfill and littering our land and sea environment is important to our future and putting a deposit on containers is …

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World Heritage Day Event – message in a bottle

April 18th is World Heritage Day and this year we want to celebrate our national treasure by helping to ensure the Reef is 100% protected. Where: Cairns Esplanade Eastern events lawn, (East of the Lagoon swimming pool) – map link below. What: Picnic and opportunity to send your ‘message in a bottle’ to Greg Hunt …

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Net Free Area for Cairns promise welcomed

Cairns and Far North Environment Centre (CAFNEC) has welcomed commitments from the Labor party regarding fisheries management contained in a document entitled “Sustainable fishing, Labor’s plan for fishing in Queensland” released yesterday. CAFNEC Marine Programs Coordinator Josh Coates said: “A highlight of the policy document for us was the clear commitment to establishment of a …

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Vote for the Environment – what has happened in the last 3 years?

In the lead up to the 2015 election CAFNEC is encouraging everyone to Vote For The Environment and Vote for the Reef. Queensland Conservation Council and The Cairns And Far North Environment Centre are sharing the following summary of the environmental policies enacted in the last three years of Government. This leaflet is being distributed …

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CAFNEC Environment report card – election 2015

CAFNEC have released a summary report card on the political parties policies on the environment for the 2015 Queensland state election on Jan 31st. The scorecard can be downloaded as a pdf here: CAFNECElectionReportCard_web, and can be viewed below. Full detail of the parties responses to our survey are available here. Late breaking news: Labor has …

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Queensland Election 2015 – Far North Queensland

CAFNEC 2015 Election activities and news A central source for all everything related to the 2015 election and the FNQ environment, bookmark this page and visit regularly for updates. COMPARE ELECTION POLICIES AND MAKE AN INFORMED DECISION WHEN YOU VOTE 2015 and a sneaky snap election has caught many people napping, but here at CAFNEC …

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Transition to a Zero Emissions Economy in 10 Years?

By Pamela McDowell, Beyond Zero Emission Cairns Coordinator Not only is it possible for Australia to become a carbon-free economy, but it is possible using affordable technology that already exists. In early 2009 the volunteers at Beyond Zero Emissions set out to create a road map to take Australia from one of the largest per-capita …

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Singing for sustainability – plastic invasion song

We recently partnered with the Heyday Festival and Song Connection choir to facilitate the singing for sustainability project. This project was funded by Festivals Australia and involved workshops to develop and rehearse what has now become the “plastic invasion” song. This song was performed at Heyday Festival Heyday Festival on October 6 2012, inviting and encouraging participation from …

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Port Douglas plastic bag surveys

In August 2012, volunteers from the Cairns and Far North Environment Centre, Tangaroa Blue and the Douglas Shire Sustainability Group hit the streets of Port Douglas to survey customers and business owners and staff about plastic bags. This was the first step in the Think Outside the Bag campaign, which aims to trial a phase …

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