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Cape York Regional Plan Media Release

AUSTRALIAN CONSERVATION FOUNDATION AND CAIRNS AND FAR NORTH ENVIRONMENT CENTRE MEDIA RELEASE 14 May 2014 Qld Government declares welcome rethink of Cape York Regional Planning process. Today’s announcement by the Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney to rethink the Cape York regional planning process is welcomed by planning committee members Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) and the Cairns …

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A change of plan – What’s on the horizon for our coastal areas?

To those of us who aren’t planners or legal specialists, changes to planning legislation can seem pretty dull and incomprehensible, but it’s worth persisting through the pages of confusing terminology, as the implications of these changes can be dramatic. The Newman government recently repealed the Queensland Coastal Plan which governed development and environmental protection in coastal areas, …

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History of the 2031 Regional Plan

The 2031 Regional Plan (originally named the 2025 Regional Plan) took effect in 2009. For many years prior to this CAFNEC had been advocating for a regional approach to planning that could deliver a sensible and sustainable long term development framework for the region. In 2006 CAFNEC was successful and the QLD State government began …

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Taylor Point spared from development – for now…

Cairns’ iconic coastal headland, Taylor Point, has been spared from development yet again, at least for the time-being. Judge Everson found the proposal was in “significant” and “flagrant” conflict with the Council’s 1996 planning scheme, which was in effect when the development application was lodged in 2004. Judge Everson also concluded that there were insufficient grounds to approve the proposed development notwithstanding these conflicts. …

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