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Take action to defend Cairns flying-foxes

Take action now to defend the spectacled flying-fox colony near the Cairns city library. Let’s avoid this expensive and unnecessary relocation, which will damage our local wildlife.

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MEDIA RELEASE – Flying fox relocation a waste of time and money

28 March 2013 Council yesterday voted to apply for a damage mitigation permit to relocate the bat colonies near the Cairns City Library. Council voted against such a motion in October 2012, presumably due to the prohibitive cost of the relocation. According to the October Council report, such a relocation would cost at least $80,000 …

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Cairns Regional CouncilWatch: Ordinary Meeting 31 Oct 2012

After the rally today (31 October) against the Council decision to rip up of an Esplanade bike path and its permission to developers to submit development proposals under superseded planning schemes at Taylor’s and Buchan’s Points, a number of protesters attended the Council’s monthly Ordinary Meeting at 10 o’clock. The first issue of interest was …

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Cairns Regional Council background papers – 31 Oct 2012

Cairns Regional Council will be considering some important decisions at their October meeting. Read these background papers for more information.

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2011 Serventy Conservation Medal

The 2011 Serventy Conservation Medal, one of the most prestigious conservation awards in Australia was recently awarded to Jenny Maclean, the Director of the Tolga Bat Hospital by the Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia. As many of you will be aware Jenny founded the Tolga Bat Hospital over 20 years ago to rescue the endangered spectacled flying fox from paralysis …

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