Gemesolar solar thermal power plant, Spain

We are working to promote the uptake of renewable energy at all scales and of all descriptions – from rooftop solar to wind farms, solar thermal power stations to micro-hydro. Making the transition to renewable energy not only makes sense environmentally, but also makes sense for our region economically and socially. By investing in local, renewable energy generation, we can diversify our region’s economy, create jobs and improve the security and efficiency of our energy supply.

Encouraging investment in renewable energy in our region is a great opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce air and water pollution, provide our region with a secure, reliable and efficient power source, and create ongoing jobs. We believe that renewable energy offers a bright and prosperous future for our region.

We are working on a number of projects and campaigns to promote the transition to renewable energy, including those listed below.

Shangyi Wind Farm


For more information on any of these projects please contact or call our office on (07) 4032 1746.





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