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Far North Wilderness Bike Tour


2020 marks the 19th year of the Far North Wilderness Bike Tour!  It started as the brainchild of Jon Metcalfe, a keen local cyclist and avid environmentalist. He spent months doing solo missions through the remote areas of the Atherton Tablelands to find a route that might be suitable for such an ambitions tour. With a team of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers the bike tour runs every year to raise awareness and raise funds for CAFNEC.

The money raised by the bike tour has assisted CAFNEC to undertake a large variety of environmental conservation projects.  CAFNEC works to create balance between industry, development and the environment to ensure a sustainable future for the local communities of Cairns and the Far North.  The work that they do has contributed to conserving areas such as the Wet Tropics Rainforests, maintaining the health of the Great Barrier Reef and protecting threatened species.

The Far North Wilderness Bike Tour provides a fully supported, self-paced mountain bike ride through natural wonders of this region. This self-paced ride is great for a range of riders starting from those with some off-road experience  through to the those requiring extra challenges. The key aim is to introduce people to the breathtaking natural diversity of this region through a social and life changing experience We have found that the challenge of riding off-road for 8 days in this remote terrain is unforgettable. Many of our riders come back for a second, third, and sometimes fourth time…!



Sun 27th September to Friday 2nd October 2020

Nothing else like it …

On ya bike

Here it is! A brand new 6-day Wilderness Bike Tour for 2020! The route will concentrate on the northern part of the famous Atherton Tablelands with a focus on showcasing the beautiful World Heritage rainforest of the Wet Tropics, south of the Daintree River in North Queensland.

Organisers have planned a gorgeous scenic cycling experience through some of the most beautiful parts of the Far North, with lush tropical rainforest, cool waterfalls and freshwater creeks. In response to rider feedback, the tour has been shortened and the riding less technical and demanding while still exciting enough to appeal to a wide range of riders. This is certainly a 6-day trip of a lifetime through some of Far North Queensland’s best scenery on wilderness mountain trails.

So what keeps so many riders returning year after year? It must be the capped numbers, friendly crew, fabulous food, camaraderie and most of all the spectacular scenery. Book now for six days of awesomeness!

Nothing else like it …


Tracey Hannah: Australia’s #1 Downhill Mountain Bike Champion

“The CAFNEC Far North Wilderness Bike Tour is a great opportunity to hit the tracks in the wild country of FNQ. The 8 day, 400km Mountain Bike ride takes you on an adventure through unique trails and private properties that are otherwise inaccessible. This self-paced ride is great for a range of riders starting from those with some off-road experience  through to the those requiring extra challenges. You can ride with a friend or with a group and your support crew is there morning, noon and night. With great food, incredible atmosphere and spectacular scenery, this is a must do ride for any cycling and environmental enthusiast.”

Our unique bike tour is a charity event that includes:

  • Approximately 300km on mostly comfortable dirt roads and tracks with low traffic
  • 6 days of supported riding and camping
  • Spectacular scenery in hard to access locations
  • An intimate and friendly ride with a maximum of 45 riders
  • Home-cooked meals, cakes and biscuits, and a well-stocked bar
  • Support for the important work of CAFNEC

Check out the video from the 2019 tour to get you excited!

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