Core Trainers 2021

Trevor Meldrum – Environmental Operations Manager- CEO, Cape York Weeds and Feral Animals Incorporated

Trevor is a born and bred Cape York Peninsula local, who lives in Cooktown and has family ties with the Princess Charlotte Bay region, as well as Lakefield. He has been involved with the Cape York Peninsula Community most of his life having worked in a variety of jobs throughout the Cape and Northern Gulf, starting off as a ringer.

For the last 28 years, he has worked in environmental and natural resource management roles, with a strong focus on pest and weed management.

He has an International Agricultural Diploma, and a Certificate in Animal Husbandry from Queensland Agricultural College, qualifications in Conservation and Land Management and is a fully qualified Trainer and Assessor. He has also undertaken numerous courses such as Facilitation Training, Environmental Project Management, Aerial and on ground Environmental Scientific Surveys.

Elizabeth MacDermott

Growing up on a farm in Bundaberg sparked my interest in preservation of environment. My family nurtured this interest by supporting me with environmental volunteer work at Mon Repos Conservation Park.

I am extremely open to learning with a willing and eager attitude to learn from people who have previous experience and knowledge.

Renee Lees 

“Renee is a community lawyer and eco-socialist who has been active in environment & social justice activism and community organisations for 25 years. She otherwise tinkers with kids, music, bikes and wood.”

Tanya Chapman

Living in the wet tropics of Far North Queensland since 1990 has helped etch a love of the natural world into my psyche.  As an Environmental Artist,  I  explore themes around the environment and personal awakening and like to create pieces that inform and stimulate conversations and ignite the imagination.  I am now looking to move into a working environment that will expand my current knowledge and grow me as a person.

Carine Visschers 

I have been a “late bloomer” in many aspects of my life, and activism is no exception.  Watching Extinction Rebellion’s presentation “The truth”, last year, shocked me into action.  Since then I have gone through some of the stages of grief, denialism being one that I have been tempted to revisit during the lockdown.  World and local events unfortunately don’t allow for shielding and denying and I am, once again, ready to have my voice heard. 

Ciara Bridgland

I want a strong educated passionate community in Cairns that will challenge the status quo for a healthy environment, society and local economy. I feel when there is more of us together supporting each other to better our community more can be done. I am excited about being a core trainer because personally I feel challenged and inspired by the program and the momentum from this will serve our community.

Amber Kellett

“I have a great passion in sustainability, and I am particularly dedicated to the protection of our marine environments. I cannot wait to dive deep into this Program as a Core Trainer with CAFNEC, and contribute my energy towards our community.”

Ingrid Marker 

“Judith Wright wrote ‘ You can not continue to chop pieces off a bullock and expect the bullock to survive”. I was raised sailing, camping, bush walking and bird watching which developed my passion for nature. Living in Mission Beach for 30 years and witnessing the natural environment and species that rely on them dying a death from a thousand cuts. My mission is to do what I can to stop and reverse this trend.”

Madeline MacLeish

“I am so excited to be a part of the CAFNEC team! I have joined with the intention to step into more of an active role in advocating for the incredible ecosystem we are privileged to be part of in the Far North Queensland region and to share this with our community. I have also joined to establish more of a solid link between my Social Work degree and passion for the environment so I can work from a more cohesive and holistic practice framework.”

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