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CAFNEC has been collecting shoreline video assessment data of estuaries like the Mulgrave in Far North Queensland for a couple of years now. It’s been made possible by our dedicated volunteers and partners to put in hours of fieldwork and resources to establish baseline data and collect new data on an annual basis. With the amount of data we have, we now have the chance to use it to influence some on-ground action to promote thriving mangroves in our tropical community.

What is the purpose of this workshop?

This is a collaborative space to give concerned individuals a chance to have their say and influence plans with locally relevant solutions to estuary-specific problems. We are connecting communities with science practitioners and stakeholders to come to an agreement on a feasible plan that is actionable and measurable. Locals possess knowledge that benefits science and fills historical knowledge gaps that experts may not be able to. We want to create participatory opportunities for those who care about the environment but fear they don’t have the skills or background to contribute to positive outcomes in nature. We want to empower communities to connect with their decision-makers to make more informed land management decisions.


EarthWatch Australia Tidal Wetlands Program Manager Jock Mackenzie will provide recommendations for the Mulgrave River and workshop participants will agree on actionable strategies and identify the necessary actions to resource these plans and implement them in 2023. The workshop will be co-facilitated by CAFNEC and EarthWatch Australia to help guide the process to produce meaningful outcomes at the end of the two days.


This is the third of our in-person Local Action Plan Workshop series. The Trinity Inlet Local Action Plan workshop produced some good strategic outcomes the community can work on and we are excited for what the Mulgrave River Local Action Plan Workshop has in store.


Mulgrave River LAP Workshop November 2022

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Workshop Details

Date: Thursday November 10th and Friday November 11th

Time: 9:30 am – 3:30 pm (both days)

Location: Parkview Hotel, 90 Gordon Street, Gordonvale 4865


Morning Tea and Lunch will be provided!

Unable to attend the workshop but still want to help?

We love data! As part of our strategic actions to increase community leadership and environmental stewardship of mangroves, we need to understand what communities know about them before we do that. Across the Wet Tropics, there are many who depend on mangroves as they provide cultural, economic, and social benefits. From tourism operators to recreational fishers, we want to identify what people already know about mangroves to help us tailor our engagement to educate the public! Take this survey to help us determine what attitudes you all have towards mangroves!