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Join us for our first ‘Move for our environment’ peer to peer fundraiser!

Bike, Walk or Swim for the protection of our environment

1-31 October


This October CAFNEC is hosting its first ‘Move for our environment’ fundraiser. Did you know that people are most likely to donate to their friends and family? So, move for our environment is the perfect opportunity to ask your friends and family to donate to your cause.

We have something for everyone – beginner through to expert. While the physical challenge only starts in October, choose your activity and goal and get your training and fundraising started right after you have signed up. 

How to get started:

Step 1: Check out our ‘Move for our environment’ website -> insert website

Step 2: Sign up for free, choose your activity and goal and get your very own fundraising page

Step 3: Now you are all set up! Get started by sharing your page and cause with your friends and family. Ask them to support you by donating to your fundraiser. 

Step 4: It’s great to have training buddies, see if any of your friends want to sign up too. You can support each other, or compete!

Step 5: On the 1st of October let your supporters know you have started your challenge! Keep them updated with your progress and make sure their donating for your milestones! (keep in mind all kms recruited up to the start of the challenge will reset to zero on October 1st)

So, get your bikes, walking shoes or swimmers ready and join us on our quest to move for our environment. We can’t wait to share our experience with you. Sign up below!