Beatriz Cano de Oliveira 

Hi everyone, My name is Beatriz, and I am the new Climate Organiser Intern.

I had heard about the Our Climate, Our Way of Life project before, and the possibility of being part of such an important community project really interested me.

I have background in Ecology and Conservation, as part of my Bachelor Degree in Biological Sciences, which I finished in Brazil in 2016. I have always been connected to environmental issues, and since starting my undergraduate studies I have gradually become more aware of the importance of social and political dimensions of environmental problems. As a continuation of this process, I have started a Master of Global Development at JCU in 2020, which is the reason why I moved to Cairns, and learnt about CAFNEC and the Climate Change campaign.

Despite not having experience in campaigning and advocacy, I have been involved in several research and educational activities working closely with communities.

My experiences have blended with my studies, interests and passions and paved my search for life and career purpose. Fighting climate change seems more than ever a question of coming together to build a shared understanding of what it is, how it has been affecting us, and how we want to address its challenges. For me, the opportunity of being an intern for CAFNEC means having the chance to engage with my knowledge and experiences, bringing purpose to my passions and my future career.

It is a chance to fight for something I care, to help building a strong community, while also being part of this community more meaningfully.

I am really excited to be part of the team, and really looking forward to working with you all.

I’m Millie the new Projects and Events Intern.  Just a little bit about myself, I’m originally from Papua New Guinea, but decided to come Cairns to study a Bachelor of Sustainability and Planning. I love tropical climates hence why I’ve been in Cairns since 2016.  My hobbies involve hiking, swimming and scuba diving 

I am very passionate about the environment
and communities, particularly small developing communities. I have enjoyed previous work
experiences from working as a Residential Assistant, Swim Teacher, Dive Rescue trainee and assisting
within the Disaster Management Unit as well as volunteering at the eco festa. All of which have
taught me workplace etiquette, communication skills, customer service and have made me eager
to grow in knowledge and look forward to new career journeys.

I have been enthusiastic to gain
new skills and experiences working in real-world environments, especially within the environmental
sector and community. I also aim to gain a positive learning experience that I hope will one day
make a difference for the environment and people living within their environment .