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Our valued CAFNEC community, 

This year we have had a MAJOR CAMPAIGN WIN! 

As many of you may know Cairns’ treasured Jack Barnes Boardwalk has been SAVED! Council funds will now be invested into the repair & restoration of this FNQ Icon. This is huge as without the campaign to save our valued Jack Barnes Boardwalk these resources were set to be invested elsewhere & the boardwalk to be destructed! 

This victory shows us a glimpse into what is possible when we band together for our environment & community! WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD IN WHICH WE LIVE – but we can’t do it alone! 

Inspired by our recent triumph we are now focusing efforts on our Climate Conversations Door Knocking throughout our region. In the last couple of months alone we have rallied teams of volunteers & have already knocked on 314 doors. So far this has created 80 new meaningful conversations with members of our community. This is above a 25% conversion to meaningful conversations rate! Imagine what we can do as the momentum builds…

However the reality is we need financial support to be able to make this happen, to keep our organisation doing all of the wonderful things we are doing for our environment & community. 


This Financial Year CAFNEC’s major fundraiser, the Far North Wilderness Bike Tour was cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns. Losing this critical fundraiser for us has really rattled our bottom line as an local NFP organisation. 

That’s why this End of Financial Year Appeal we’re asking those who can afford to contribute & make a tax deductible donation to do so. We have make or break financial decisions as an organisation & we need all the help we can get. 

In massive thanks to 5 generous donors including Rainforest Reserves Australia we have grateful to announce we have secure $8,000 in MATCHED DONATIONS. 

This means that within the specific donation period (next week – 22nd-24th) any donation you make will be DOUBLED! A $100 donation will become $200 just like that! 

If you can please share this Donation Opportunity with friends & family that will also go a long way in making sure we secure the funds for the work we do. 

Thank you to everyone who has or is intending to make a tax deductible donation to CAFNEC, the environment & our region this EOFY.

Thank you,
Jasmine Darrah
Fundraising & Database Coordinator
on behalf of the rest of the CAFNEC team.