Make a Submission: Spectacled Flying Fox Dispersal

Send your statement to the Federal Government EPBC Referrals Gateway using the form below to oppose the dispersal of Spectacled Flying Foxes at Cairns Library

The due date for submissions is Tuesday 29th April 2019. 

Fill in your details and send off the form below as is, or make changes to it as you please.

We’ve also provided links to the referral documents if you would like to write your own submission. If you have time we always recommend an individual submission but understand many of us are busy hence the template option. 

Referral documents: 

The four community experts on the Council’s own Flying Fox Advisory Committee have released a damning open letter categorically opposing this action. If you are going to do your own submission this letter has a a lot of important detail in it. Read the letter here: https://bit.ly/2UD5rdk
Share it on Facebook: https://tinyurl.com/yyc4t9l5

You can also read more information on the background of the issue in Cairns on our website, as well as listen to Dr Martin Cohen Wildlife Biologist & Chair of Flying Fox Advisory Committee’s ABC interview on the issue here: 


Make a Submission: Spectacled Flying Foxes

Referrals Gateway Assessment & Governance Branch


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