The federal election is fast approaching. The future of our climate hangs in the balance.

In May, Australians will head to the polls and determine our future: it is time for Australia get real and take strong action to mitigate Climate Change. There is so much at stake.

In Far North Queensland we are already reeling from the impacts of living in a changed climate: unprecedented coral bleaching and mangrove dieback, record breaking temperatures, mass die offs of endangered mammals like flying foxes and islands being inundated with seawater in the Torres Strait.

Elsewhere in the country, World Heritage Areas burn, communities suffer through unfathomable droughts and other areas are inundated with unparalleled floods. Collectively we have just experienced Australia’s angriest summer yet with record breaking temperatures consistently recorded across the country.

It’s real. It’s here. We know you’re all feeling it too. 

The next few years will determine the degree of the suffering caused by Climate Change. Most importantly the next Federal Government will determine Australia’s part in this suffering. To exacerbate it or lessen it.

We simply cannot wait another term of Government: this election is make or break for Climate action. We have to be all in for this election. There is no other choice. And that’s where you come in..

We need our Far North community to turn up, turn out and get LOUD. We want feet on the ground: door knocking, talking, writing, walking, acting for a safer climate.

Our conservation movement is strong in Far North Queensland and we need you to activate like we’ve never activated before.

CAFNEC is teaming up with Fight For Our Reef and Stop Adani to present a united front of consolidated action in FNQ this election. To put Climate Change front and centre on the agenda. To cause so much noise politicians and aspiring politicians cannot ignore tackling climate change a second longer.

So what’s the plan? Join us for our Climate Election Launch on Monday 18th March 7pm at the Cairns Choral Society hall to find out how you can be involved. This is not another boring town hall meeting. This is an action-orientated night that will be interactive, fun and have you walking out the door with a purpose.