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Join Cairns and Far North Environment Centre and Queensland Conservation Council for a lunch time forum to have your input into the conservation sectors response to the Qld Government’s climate policies.
When: Saturday 10 March, 11am – 2.30 pm
63 Anderson Street , Manunda, Cairns
Who: All welcome and a free lunch is provided.
Places limited – register below today to secure your place. 
The purpose of this forum is to:
  • Discuss and critically analyse the State government’s Climate Transition Strategy to identify regional gaps and opportunities.
  •  Provide details on the Qld Government’s plan to meet zero-net emissions by 2050
  • Identify key challenges and opportunities within these policies in the context of our region.

Why it’s important:

Conservation groups have an important role to play in feeding into and improving our Government’s climate policies. With no meaningful action from our Federal Government, our states and territories need to take the lead in tackling emissions and avoiding dangerous climate change. If we want to protect our State’s vulnerable species and ecosystems and build an economy that has a role in future zero net emissions markets, we need stronger policies to guide effective action.
The Queensland Government’s Climate Transition Strategy is a good starting point for helping us to meet zero net emissions by 2050, but many missed opportunities and challenges remain. For more information, see Queensland Conservation Council’s briefing papers here.
Come and join the discussion at our Climate Policy Forum and provide input to the conservation sector’s recommendations for what the next version of Queensland’s Climate Transition Strategy should look like. The outcomes of this session will inform a report to the Qld Department of Environment and Science, providing a critical analysis of Queensland’s Climate Transition Strategy and outlining recommendations for the next version.
To this end, CAFNEC encourages anybody concerned about Climate Change, and in particular the impacts on our region to have an input at this forum.

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