Fossil Fuel Investments and saving the Reef: A CAFNEC and Market Forces event

The investments our big banks make in fossil fuel (coal and gas) projects have a direct impact on the health of our environment; locally this includes threats to the Great Barrier Reef.

Market Forces is a new research and public education initiative which highlights the link between corporate investments, the fossil fuel industries and the environment.

Join CAFNEC, Julien Vincent from Market Forces, the Cairns Climate Action Network (CCAN) and The CAFNEC Marine Response Team for a discussion on fossil fuels, the Reef and the new movement of Divestment: removing your money from polluting banks and investment funds.

  • Design13 August 2015, 6-8pm
  • Flying Monkey Café, 154 Sheridan St Cairns
  • Hosted by Cairns and Far North Environment Centre
  • Entry is FREE for CAFNEC members and by donation for others.
    Please RSVP to community [at]
  • Food and drink available for purchase at Flying Monkey Café


Fossil Fuels, saving the Reef and Divestment:

Market Forces has just released a report, Fueling the Fire, which names the biggest lenders to the fossil fuel industry in Australia. Julien Vincent will focus on the key findings of the report and show how we are all, through our bank accounts, super, taxes and elsewhere, financially connected to the fossil fuel industry. More importantly, the talk will explore the many ways we can use our money as a force for good and shift investments away from dirty fossil fuels to drive the clean, renewable energy revolution we urgently need.


Our speakers and Q&A panel:

Julien Vincent runs Market Forces, a Friends of the Earth affiliate working to direct finance and investment away from environmentally destructive projects and into those that protect and enhance the environment.

Prior to Market Forces, Julien worked with Greenpeace both in Australia and internationally as a part of their climate and energy campaign team and has been an environmental campaigner and activist for about a decade.

Josh Coates, Director of CAFNEC

Nina Bailey, CAFNEC’s new Community Engagement Officer 

Members of Cains Climate Action Network (CCAN)

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