Spectacled Flying Foxes at Novotel site May 2014

Novotel Oasis Resort has submitted a referral under the EPBC Act 1999, of the proposed action to remove 11 trees on and adjacent to the site. Claims in the referral include that the action will not result in a significant impact because spectacled flying foxes (SFF) are only in two of the trees; numbers of individuals are low; and that low numbers are due to trimming of trees by Cairns Regional Council in May this year. Really? The photo here is one of several taken at the Novotel site after the tree trimming – these show plenty of individual SFFs in the trees. Numbers of SFFs are low at this time because it is winter! Read the CAFNEC submission to Novotel EPBC referral here. Visit this link to learn more about a study on the ecology and behavior of SFF.




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