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Following on from the success of our first meeting we will be running a second introduction and team planning session:

Giant clam on the Great Barrier Reef. Photo: Josh Coates

Giant clam on the Great Barrier Reef. Photo: Josh Coates

When: Tuesday 15th October, 6pm.

Where: Upstairs at CAFNEC, Cominos House  27 Greenslopes (corner of Greenslopes & Little Street), Cairns North.

More information: marine@nullcafnec.org.au

All welcome, please spread the word and bring a friend or two.

Marine Response Team:

Conservation action for our far North Queensland marine environment.

Here in Queensland’s far North we enjoy one of the most diverse and beautiful marine environments in the world. Our ocean, reefs, estuaries and marine life need our help to survive and prosper. We need your help to protect the world below the waves. Can you make a little time to meet like-minded people and take action for the conservation of our marine environment?

What is the Marine Response Team?

Our fish, dolphins, dugongs, turtles and corals face a daunting range of threats but we can make a positive difference. The Marine Response Team will take proactive action to educate the public and decision makers and prevent threat. We will respond to existing threats by awareness raising, direct activities to protect and restore threatened habitat and facilitating community involvement in decision making. We are hands on and seek to build a fun and dynamic team of like minded people who are prepared to give their time and help others to take action for our sea life. Our model is to empower people to make positive change a reality. We facilitate leadership and action in a friendly, social and collaborative space where all members are valued and we support each other to achieve our goals. Regardless of your age, skills or background we will seek to find ways that your unique skill set can make the whole more than the sum of its parts. Look forward to seeing you there 🙂