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Vote for the Environment – what has happened in the last 3 years?

In the lead up to the 2015 election CAFNEC is encouraging everyone to Vote For The Environment and Vote for the Reef. Queensland Conservation Council and The Cairns And Far North Environment Centre are sharing the following summary of the environmental policies enacted in the last three years of Government. This leaflet is being distributed …

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Transition to a Zero Emissions Economy in 10 Years?

By Pamela McDowell, Beyond Zero Emission Cairns Coordinator Not only is it possible for Australia to become a carbon-free economy, but it is possible using affordable technology that already exists. In early 2009 the volunteers at Beyond Zero Emissions set out to create a road map to take Australia from one of the largest per-capita …

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Beyond Zero Emissions free presentation in Cairns, Wednesday 15th August

This week at the Cairns Library Beyond Zero Emissions presents their exciting ‘Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan’. This award winning report shows how Australia could make an economically viable transition to 100% renewable energy using only existing, proven technology. Exciting stuff! The team will also be presenting an update on renewable energy developments around …

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Retrofitting for Sustainability – A Guide for Far North Queensland

Retrofitting for Sustainability was produced by CAFNEC to encourage improvements in energy and water efficiency in the home. We hope that this guide will fill the gap in available locally relevant, information for residents. The Guide was produced with the support of NRMA Insurance and local sponsors. The Guide was written by Sophie Barrett and published …

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South Australia’s big win with wind

Wind Power in South Australia has been a howling success; it now provides more electricity in the state than coal and in just a decade the wind industry has developed into one of the world’s leaders – and all to the benefit of South Australians. The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) recently stated that South Australian wholesale electricity prices are now …

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100% Renewable energy: more than just a big idea

This free public forum was held in Cairns in May 2011. It featured a presentation by Mark Ogge and Patrick Hearps, authors of the Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan. The forum was the official launch of our local renewable energy campaign which is supported by over 30 local businesses and organisations.   1. Introduction and …

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