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Transition to a Zero Emissions Economy in 10 Years?

By Pamela McDowell, Beyond Zero Emission Cairns Coordinator Not only is it possible for Australia to become a carbon-free economy, but it is possible using affordable technology that already exists. In early 2009 the volunteers at Beyond Zero Emissions set out to create a road map to take Australia from one of the largest per-capita …

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Film Screening: Bimblebox – A documentary on Coal & CSG

Sunday 22 July 2012, 5.30-7.30pm. A documentary from the front lines of Australia’s battle against coal and gas expansion

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Bimblebox – A documentary from the front lines of Australia’s battle against coal and gas expansion.  This film initially focuses on the Bimblebox Nature Refuge in Central Qld, the site of Clive Palmer’s China First coal mine proposal – the biggest of its kind in Australia. However the film also does a great job of covering the broad issues for local communities and the …

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South Australia’s big win with wind

Wind Power in South Australia has been a howling success; it now provides more electricity in the state than coal and in just a decade the wind industry has developed into one of the world’s leaders – and all to the benefit of South Australians. The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) recently stated that South Australian wholesale electricity prices are now …

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Climate Action, Coal and CSG

On the 7 and 8th of May, Climate Action Network Australia held their annual conference in Sydney with more than 80 people from 50 different groups around Australia. The conference covered both information sharing on issues such as the Clean Energy Futures Package, Coal and CSG activity, Carbon markets and investment, as well as planning for both the next Federal election …

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The Big Solar message travels to Canberra

Did you know that Concentrated Solar Thermal plants can store the heat captured during the day and continue to operate at night, thus generating 24-hour base-load power? Or, that such power plants are already operating successfully in other, less sunny parts of the world? Did you know that photovoltaic technology is set to be cheaper to install than coal power by …

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Beyond Coal and Gas Forum

28-29 July 2012, Louisa Creek Community Centre, South of Mackay. Uniting communities affected by the boom

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Big Solar campaign launch 2012

The Cairns Climate Action Network and the Cairns and Far North Environment Centre launched the Big Solar campaign early in 2012.  This Cairns launch was just one of many, as groups all around Australia launched the Big Solar campaign in their communities as part of the national, grass-roots 100% renewable energy campaign. For more information contact …

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