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Table Talks Project: Climate Change in FNQ

Providing safe spaces for folks to share their stories and experiences of Far North Queensland’s climate extremes – from heatwaves to floods, and the ways our lives are being impacted by these events.



Understanding the realities of climate change in our regional area is necessary for solving the complex issues that our communities face. We aim to build community resilience by ensuring our advocacy is bound in the stories and experiences of those on the frontlines of climate change in our region.

We will do this by facilitating focus group conversations (Table Talks) with people in our community that are vulnerable to extreme heat, flooding, cyclones, and other hazards, as well as those who lead recovery efforts and work to build community resilience. 


Our Table Talks are facilitated by passionate volunteers that have received training to guide inclusive and productive conversations with prompts that encourage participants to share their own experiences of heat and hazards in FNQ.

Each Table Talk includes 8 participants that will share stories over tea, coffee, and snacks for a duration of 2 hours and 15 minutes.

We are hosting 10 Table Talks between April and July 2024, so spaces are limited. To join the conversation, click here.


The next stage of the project is to collate our learnings from Table Talk participants’ stories into a comprehensive report that tells the story of climate change in FNQ, and what solutions are needed to mitigate the most widely-felt impacts.

We are also offering training to interested participants who would like to learn more about how to advocate for solutions from decision makers during key moments, like the upcoming Queensland election in October 2024.

Finally, by bringing together folks that are being impacted in diverse ways by rising temperatures and more frequent and severe climate hazards, we aim to bolster the community networks that work together to respond during times of disaster.


As this is a volunteer-led project, we have limited spaces available for participation in the Table Talks. We are seeking participants who live in Far North Queensland, and fit in any one of the following criteria:

  • People who have recently experienced impacts of extreme heat, flooding, cyclones, coastal hazards, bushfires, etc.;
  • People who are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of heat and hazards due to their circumstances (health, housing status, occupation, age, etc.); and
  • People who work or volunteer in disaster response and recovery; or in sectors that contribute to building community resilience (healthcare, social services, etc.).

Does this sound like you? Reach out to our Project Coordinator Bronwyn at climateaction@nullcafnec.org.au


The Table Talks Project is an ambitious but important initiative. As a non-profit organisation, we rely on volunteer support to make it possible.

Volunteer roles include:

  • Facilitation and note-taking
  • Outreach to participants
  • Events support
  • Data analysis and report writing

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